REQUEST: $2,500 to train 10 young women to sew washable sanitary pads and protective masks. They will sell these products to the local community and continue the process of making and selling.

  • Population: 1,326,093,247
  • Languages: Hindi, Bengali, Marathi

  • Religions: Hindu, Muslim, Christian

  • Median Age: 28.7 years

Cooperative Outreach of India (COI) was established in 1993 to address the needs of children, youth and women who are the most disadvantaged members of the Indian population, made up of the largest portion of the population living in poverty. We are committed to meet the social and basic needs of this vulnerable section of society to help provide a healthy and dignified life.

COI has already undertaken a project called “Girl Talk” that enables vulnerable teen girls and children to be aware of difficult situations in life and how to walk through them in a positive way. Teens and children have responded very well to Girl Talk.

With COVID19, masks will be like a scarf in the world of accessories. Each individual will need one to wash and reuse. As we get used to this new normal, the demand for protective masks will be high, along with the need for reusable sanitary pads. Pads are a little different, but the need is greater than the mask because these young women cannot afford disposable pads. Now that their parents have been out of work for months, their poverty level is much greater – making the need even higher.

We will train 10 young women in sewing these products. Five women will be focused on the protective masks. These masks will be made in attractive patterns at a low cost to the consumer. The other 5 women will focus on the sanitary pads, sold at a low cost to continue producing pads. This will provide them a purpose and value in a society that is in desperate need of these products on a regular basis. Training these 10 women will impact 100 or more young women’s lives. The purchase of the pads in the community will help the project to become sustainable, so that we can continue with little to no outside funding after the initial support is given.

Young women from these areas usually work as domestic maids, babysitters, picking flowers, or in some cases, working in nearby plastic factories. They use unsanitary rags to clean themselves during their menstrual cycles and many times are not allowed to leave their homes during this time of the month. This situation holds these young women back in school and work. If each young girl could be provided with 2-3 pads, it will help them continue in their studies and work, while maintaining cleanliness and good health. The mask provides safe protection from pollutant particles as well as spray from individuals coughs, close talking and sneezing. The mask and pad can be washed and dried to be refreshed and safe to use again.

COI’s Mission

Caitlin Landge talks about COI’s mission.

Role Model

Rakhi is a young girl who leads one of our Girl Talk monthly meetings while also tutoring young children in her community.

Before she was introduced to Girl Talk, she was a local girl in the community finishing up her primary school studies. Now she is working on her graduate degree and volunteers in her local church. She is a confident girl who encourages the other young girls by her example and teachings.

Rakhi’s Girl Talk group has grown from 5+ to 30 each month, and these girls who are usually shy and sit in silence have now become young women with a voice. They answer questions during the meetings, participate in challenges and group work and perform dramas and dances with a positive concept.

Rakhi is not the only one who has been transformed Girl Talk – the young girls she influences have also begun a transformation that will spread throughout their communities.













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Electric sewing machines ($150 x 2)$300
Regular sewing machines ($100 x 4)$400
Materials for sanitary napkins$400
Materials for masks$300
Instructor for one (1) year ($70/month)$840
Other necessary accessories$250
Total Budget Requested:$2,490

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