hope & healing: “kids need mental health care too”

REQUEST: $2,500 as follows: 1) $1,000 for recreational and play equipment for therapy; 2) $1000 for subsidize counseling sessions for kids & teens ($45/hour suggested donation); and 3) $500 for children’s counseling books in English and Thai on mental health issues


Our counseling center is located in Chiang Mai, Thailand where we provide counseling and trainings.

  • Population: 68,977,400

  • Languages: Thai (official), Malay, Burmese

  • Religions: Buddhist, Muslim, Christian

  • Median Age: 39 years

Cornerstone Counseling provides Christian mental health care services to missionaries and their families serving throughout Asia and beyond. We are also committed to supporting and developing Christian counseling to the Thai community through trainings, workshops, and counseling services.

In 2019, 110 of our clients (almost 20%) were under the age of 18 and came from many different countries and cultures. Many of them have to move often, which means leaving their friends, family, and everything that was normal for them. Other young clients are struggling with the way life suddenly changes, difficult family relationships, or not feeling good about who they are. This can often lead to depression, anxiety, and other issues that make it a challenge to enjoy just being a kid. We want to provide mental health care for children in ways that suit them best, giving them opportunities to engage with their whole selves – body, mind, and heart.

In order to address our young clients’ needs, we are proposing several projects. First, the back of our property has space for some outdoor equipment like a slack line, a tree swing, a climbing wall, and a few other physical activities. Our counselors see the value of this type of equipment that would help kids and teens engage their bodies in therapy. Second, some families don’t have the means to afford counseling. We’d like to subsidize counseling sessions, especially for families who come with multiple levels of problems and financial stress. Lastly, we want to equip our lending library with more books on the many common issues that face children, teens, and families. This helps to fill in some of the gaps that still remain on certain topics that we don’t yet have. We especially want to purchase books in Thai for kids.

Thai artwork

Art therapy

Play Therapy

David Emch, MA, LPC discusses play therapy in the video.

“Kids need more than talk therapy. Our desire is to use a holistic approach that addresses body, mind, and heart for God’s hope and healing.”

Thai kids

“One of my young clients started to have panic attacks because he was very worried that his grandparents, who lived in a country where Covid-19 was really bad, were going to get sick and die. So, he and I spent some time working on exercises that helped him to stay calm when he noticed that he was getting overwhelmed with worry – things like grounding himself and doing deep-breathing exercises. Now, he still feels worried about them, but is able to keep himself calm and send them a text message asking how they are doing.”

– David Emch, MA, LPC













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Recreational and play equipment for therapy$1,000
Subsidize counseling sessions for kids and
teens ($45/hour suggested donation)
Children’s counseling books in English and
Thai on mental health issues

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