REQUEST: $2,600 to train 10 Whole Life Coaches to establish football academies to disciple 250 kids.

  • Population: 20,137,527

  • Languages: French (official), Bambara 46.3%, Peuhl 9.4%, Dogon 7.2%, Maraka 6.4%, Malinke 5.6%, Sonrhai 5.6%, Minianka 4.3%, Tamacheq 3.5%, Senoufo 2.6%, Bobo 2.1%

  • Religions: Muslim 93.9%, Christian 2.8%, animist 0.7%

  • Median Age: 16 years

Ubabalo means “grace” in Xhosa, one of the official languages of South Africa, where our ministry began. Through sports, we set out to address the challenge of fatherlessness in Africa and over time (more than a decade), the ministry has spread worldwide. Our trained coaches use sports as a small-scale version of life to introduce life values during regular coaching sessions on the sports field. This enables the coach to be a role model, father figure, and mentor in the player’s life. The coach includes teachable moments during the sport training sessions to impact the players’ in all areas of their lives, thus becoming a ‘Whole Life Coach’.

Once an emerging force for democracy in West Africa, Mali has struggled in recent years to maintain governmental stability. A rebellion in 2012, followed by military intervention in the north, and regular uprisings by rebel and extremist groups throughout the country have left the nation of about 19 million people vulnerable. Conflict in Mali continues as frequent and severe droughts have added to the country’s challenges. COVID-19 has reached all areas of Mali, straining the nation’s poor healthcare system and worsening the economy.

This crisis has caused the people of Mali to seek moral men and women to serve as leaders in different areas of the government and their local communities.

Children must be taught healthy values ​​and principles through words and the behavior of adults so that they can grow ​​and develop them in their lives. The family no longer fulfills this role as many parents (especially fathers) are unable to be good role models for their children. As many Malian kids and teenagers are drawn to sports, the Whole Life Coach can serve the role of father-figure, demonstrating life skills and Bible-based values on and off the field.

We plan to train young Christians with a talent for football to become Whole Life Coaches for children through football academies. These academies will allow the Whole Life Coaches to disciple the kids and connect them with Jesus. The objective is to train and follow up with 10 Whole Life Coaches who will work on a weekly basis with 250 children.

Image Copyright: Ubabalo

Whole Life Coaching

Image Copyright: Ubabalo

Coach Daniel Fomba

“I have really liked the idea and concept of the Whole Life Coaching Program. As a football player and young Christian, it was often difficult for me to connect football and faith. Now I can help my community’s kids to improve their football techniques and use this framework to disciple them.”













* Highlighted budget icons apply to this grant

Transportation for trainers and delegates from Mopti and Kolikoro$262.80
Food for participants and trainers during 5-day training$468
Accommodations for participants and trainers for 5 nights$180
Communications (airtime fees)$27
Administration (venue, projector, soccer balls, cones, manuals, follow-up for 12 months)$1,665
Total Budget Requested:$2,602.80

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