REQUEST: $2,200 for training 11 Refugee Outreach Volunteers through out Senior Refugee Outreach Volunteer training, who will serve their fellow Syrian refugees across communities in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley.


Lebanon – Beqaa Valley

  • Population: 5,469,612
  • Languages: Arabic, French, English

  • Religions: Muslim, Christian

  • Median Age: 33.7 years

At Medical Teams International, we dare to love like Jesus by breaking barriers to health and restoring wholeness in a hurting world. Through delivering life-saving medical care to people in crisis, we strive to show our most vulnerable neighbors that they matter, both to God and to us.

Nearly a decade of war in Syria has caused millions of Syrians to flee their homes and country in search of safety. Nearly 1.5 million refugees now live in settlements in neighboring Lebanon. With limited access to resources and the increased strain on local health care systems, many refugees face significant challenges in their daily lives. There is a great need to fill the gaps in local health systems and provide direct services and support to refugees in the settlements where they live.

In order to meet the needs of refugee families, Medical Teams provides community health outreach through a network of Refugee Outreach Volunteers in informal settlements in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley. Refugee Outreach Volunteers teach their neighbors how to stay healthy. They gather community members for informational sessions on common health issues. They check on people with chronic diseases. And during a pandemic like COVID-19, they share up-to-date information on how to stay safe and when to seek help. They act as the “eyes and ears” of the community. When someone is sick, refugee volunteers are the ones called to help. The volunteers act as a bridge, connecting sick people to the right medical providers.

Medical Teams International

Sharing COVID-19 health messages with Syrian refugees via WhatsApp

In our broken world, so many people are suffering. They’re pushed to the margins and forgotten. Men, women and children. Those who are persecuted and without homes. Hurting. Sick. In crisis. At Medical Teams International, we believe every person matters.

Medical Teams International
Shaza’s Story

Shaza is a Syrian refugee living in the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon. When Shaza lived in Syria as a teenager, she had dreams of serving in the medical field. Her life was full and active with school, family and friends. But when bombs destroyed her school, her home and her entire town, she and her family fled the violence and ended up living in a tent in an informal settlement in Lebanon.

For three years, the only work she could do was collecting rocks in a field. She felt hopeless and depressed, until one day she discovered that Medical Teams International was training refugees in her settlement on how to care for the health of her community. When she signed on to become a Refugee Outreach Volunteer, Medical Teams taught her how to take blood pressure, monitor blood glucose, conduct peer-to-peer health awareness sessions, and look out for sick people who need referrals for medical treatment. In addition to giving her a new purpose, Shaza says her volunteer work has helped her heal from the trauma and loss that she’s experienced. She feels great joy knowing that her work is making a difference.













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Senior Refugee Outreach Volunteer training ($200 x 11 people); includes training materials and transportation$2,200
Total Budget Requested:$2,200

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