REQUEST: We would like to invite you to be a part of the CUREKids team by funding one ($1,425) or two surgeries ($2,850) for children with clubfoot or other disability so that they can walk and run, play with their friends, go to school, and learn all about Jesus who created them and loves them.

We have a new hospital that just opened in Zimbabwe and we would love to have you partner with us in treating 1-2 children in Zimbabwe.

  • Population: 14,829,988

  • Languages: Shona, Ndebele, English (official business), 13 minority languages

  • Religions: Protestant 74.8%, Roman Catholic 7.3%, Muslim .5%, Traditional 1.5%
  • Median Age: 20.5 years

CURE International provides orthopedic surgery to children, treating disabilities like bowed legs, knock knees, and neglected clubfoot. These conditions require highly specialized orthopedic surgical care, which is often not available in developing nations, and without treatment, these children would have little hope for a future. The average stay in our hospitals is six days and most kids require multiple surgeries. While these lovely children are in our care, we have the privilege of sharing the love of Jesus with them and their families.

In 2019, First Fruit helped bring healing to Soureya in Niger and Joseph in Zambia, and their lives were forever changed. There are thousands of children just like them who were born with a deformed leg or arm, or need surgery because of an accident, like falling into a fire or falling from a tree. These children don’t have a hospital they can go to or the money to pay for medical care.

There are many such children in Zimbabwe, a country in Africa located between Zambia and South Africa, which is why CURE just opened a hospital there so we can treat children who need help. We would love to have you fund one or two surgeries in Zimbabwe and will send you the names and stories of the kid(s) whose life you helped change forever.

“Their Story Changed” shows how 3 kids who were treated at a CURE Hospital had the story of their life changed forever.

Image Copyright: CURE International

Image Copyright: CURE International

Evance’s Story

A young boy named Evance (left-before, right-after), was treated at CURE Children’s Hospital of Malawi after his mother searched unsuccessfully for years for a treatment for clubfoot. “The moment I stepped into CURE, I knew there was an answer,” she said. Today, Evance can now walk to school and is accepted in his community. This is the impact of joining us to help children who had no hope for treatment, enjoy healthier lives.













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Surgery for 1 boy or girl$1,425
Surgery for 1 boy or girl$1,425
Total Budget Requested:$2,850

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Grant Feedback Form

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