REQUEST: $2,500 as follows: $1,000 for event sound equipment and $1,500 for event supplies and preparation.

The Steiger Community House project is in Kiev, Ukraine.

  • Population: 43,745,640

  • Languages: Ukrainian (official) 67.5%, Russian (regional language) 29.6%

  • Religions: Orthodox , Ukrainian Greek Catholic, Roman Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Jewish

  • Median Age: 41.2 years

Steiger International grew out of a passion to reach young people who were not open to going to church. What began as a ministry reaching young people of Amsterdam has grown into a mission organization to reach and disciple the global youth culture for Jesus. Today, we are active in over 100 cities around the globe and bridge the gap between the Church and youth culture through Steiger City Teams.

In March 2021, ten of our Kiev City Team members moved into a big house in the center of the city. Each week they host parties and events for secular young people and create opportunities to share the hope of Jesus—inviting people into discipleship relationships. We currently use small street speakers for the events or rent better equipment that costs $100 per day. We want to make the events as professional and high quality as possible so that it will become a popular place for young people to gather.

In our work in the city of Kiev, we’ve come to see that the young people of our city are lonely and depressed. They want to belong and have a safe place where they can talk to people who truly care about them. Whether from past hurts or misconceptions, these young people won’t walk into a church to find answers. We know that the core of this emptiness is a need for purpose and belonging that can only be found in Jesus.

With our Community House, we created a space within the center of the city where these young people can feel comfortable and welcome. We host parties and open-mic nights and invite people into community with us. As we walk in discipleship with those we meet, we invite them into our bible studies and pray together—showing them the unconditional love of Christ. Over the last two months, more than 500 people have walked through our doors! We’ve been able to disciple many of them and have already seen God transforming lives.

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Steiger City Teams Youth Group.

What is a Steiger City Team?

Kiev Community House Update

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Steiger youth reading the Bible.

Two Stories

“On March 20 we had an opening party at the Community House. After seeing an Instagram post about our party, a girl named Margarita came by to find out what it was all about. After talking to some of us, she came back on Sunday and gave her life to the Lord! Afterwards she started coming to our weekly prayer and Bible studies.”
– Matthew Zyryanov, Steiger Kiev City Team Leader

“Nikita came up to me at the end of the Bible Study. ‘Well, Den. I’m ready,” he said.

A week earlier we had talked by the fireplace in the great hall of the Community House. Nikita had taken some time to think about my words and decided to follow Jesus. I was so happy to hear that he was ready! We went to my room and there Nikita repeated the prayer of repentance. Now our home Bible studies have grown in scope.

In the last study, there were a few guys who were recently released from prison. It was very funny when one of them tried to explain to his mother (a believer) on the phone that he is attending a Bible study and does not understand how he got here himself.
– Denis Malimonov, Steiger Kiev Community House missionary













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Sound equipment (PA systems, cables, microphones, etc.)$1,000
Event supplies and preparation$1,500
Total Budget Requested:$2,500

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