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REQUEST: $2,470 toward equipping children’s leaders in local Egyptian churches to minister God’s love to children with special needs.

  • Population: 106,400,000
  • Languages: Arabic (official), Arabic, English, and French widely understood by educated classes

  • Religions: Muslim (predominantly Sunni) 90%, Christian (majority Coptic Orthodox)
  • Median Age: 24.1 years

Every Generation Ministries (EGM) is a Christian ministry that has teams in 16 different countries. Many churches around the world do not have programs where children can learn how to follow God, so we work with churches to help their children’s ministries get stronger and multiply. This is done by offering trainings and culturally relevant Bible teaching materials to Sunday school teachers. Our goal is for children to have the opportunity to learn about God’s Word and be challenged to apply it to their lives.  Each of our 16 teams are led by local leaders with the goal of being fully funded in their country.

Studies show that children are the largest unreached people group, and most Christians come to Christ before they are 18 years old.  Therefore, reaching children with God’s Word is important and strategic. Unfortunately, many churches around the world do not welcome children with special needs. As a result, these precious children do not have the opportunity to learn about God in their local church.

EGM recently created a program to equip church leaders worldwide to be able to receive special needs children and minister God’s love to them. We taught this program to EGM’s leaders in Romania and Egypt. The Egyptian leaders were so impacted by the program that they have been adapting this course to their culture and want to teach it to a team of 20 children’s ministry leaders. These leaders will implement what they learn with special needs children in their churches and communities will teach other children’s leaders how to minister God’s love to them as well. This project will allow 200-250 special needs children to learn how much God loves them.

Image Copyright: EGM

Sary Mikhael (Middle East Director) with Children at a Local Outreach Event

Special Needs Online Course Highlights

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Nancy, a participant in the Special Needs Course in Egypt, wanted to serve children with special needs, particularly children with Down Syndrome. She discovered that her neighbors had a child with Down Syndrome. Nancy was challenged to put into practice what she learned in this course and with parental permission, she was able to spend some time with their young daughter. Nancy had learned from the Special Needs Course that children with Down Syndrome learn well with videos and visuals. She decided to watch a movie with the neighbor’s daughter that showed children with the same syndrome. Through this video, the little girl saw that we are all accepted by God, and she went home and shared with her family how she feels loved by God!













* Highlighted budget icons apply to this grant

Travel to training location$722
Lodging and meals$1,015
Meeting Room$500
Trainer notes and supplies$178
Teacher gifts (this is cultural)$555
Total Project Budget :$2,970
*Less donation from local Egyptian leaders-$500
Total Financial Request:$2,470

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