REQUEST: $2,400 to plant 1,500 fruit trees at 10 schools, helping to restore the habitats of plants and wildlife, improve soil and water quality and provide food for families – improving the health of Ugandan children.

  • Population: 44,712,143
  • Languages: English (most widely spoken), Ganda/Luganda (most widely used Niger-Congo language), other Niger-Congo languages, Nilo-Saharan languages, Swahili (official), Arabic
  • Religions: Protestant 45.1%, Roman Catholic 39.3%, Muslim 13.7%, other 1.6%, none 0.2%

  • Median Age: 15.7 years

As a Christian organization, A Rocha International believes that ‘The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it’ and so we help communities around the world understand their environment better and live in ways that enable them and wildlife to flourish.

A Rocha Uganda is working to improve life for Uganda’s poorest communities by protecting the local habitats of plants and animals through livelihood projects, environmental education, and practical conservation.

Trees provide important habitats for native plants and wildlife. They also supply clean air and water, lock up carbon and support the health and way of life for local communities – especially important in Uganda, where many children suffer from poor nutrition. Yet between 1990 and 2015, the country lost more than 7.4 million acres of forest cover, due to problems such as bad farming practices, development and tree felling for timber, and charcoal burning.

A Rocha Uganda is working with schools and community members to plant fruit trees like mango, orange, avocado and guava. In less than three years, these trees will be providing food and improving the health of local children. In the meantime, they offer numerous environmental benefits such as improving soil, water quality and creating habitats for wildlife.

Image Copyright: A Rocha International

Fruit trees to Kiwenda Primary School.

Bearing Fruit in Uganda

Image Copyright: A Rocha International

Mugisha Francis receiving fruit trees from AR Uganda.

A Primary School’s Story

Before the pandemic hit, the children at Rweshe Pentecostal Primary School in Western Uganda had dug holes in preparation for planting trees around the compound, but the school didn’t have enough funds available to purchase young trees.

‘When A Rocha approached us with the trees we were amazed, and I shared the good news of the gift with my local church,’ said Mugisha Francis, one of the school directors. As soon as children were able to return to school, they got involved in caring for the trees, including weeding and keeping them well-watered. None of the 60 fruit trees we received have died because I care for them dearly,’ he says. ‘I call them my miracle trees. I am happy that as they grow, we shall enjoy the fruits. They will provide shade for children to relax during break times and medicine. God gave us enough rain to help them get strong and mature well and I am happy that they have grown and are looking healthy. We are so grateful to A Rocha Uganda and their supporters.’













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Fruit trees (1,500)$1,480
Distribution of trees to 10 schools$560
Implementation & Monitoring$360
Total Budget Requested:$2,400

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