Hope on Wheels Playground Project

REQUEST: $2,785 to finish our Hope on Wheels club playground that is located behind our Hope Ministry Center in the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon. This would include designing an encouraging, colorful, and educational wall at the playground, as well as a playset with a slide and swings.

  • Population: 5,261,372

  • Languages: Arabic (official), French, English, Armenian

  • Religions: Muslim 61.1%, Christian 33.7% (Maronite Catholics are the largest Christian group), Druze 5.2%

  • Median Age: 33.7 years

Driven by the compassionate heart of Jesus Christ, Heart for Lebanon (H4L) exists to see lives changed and communities transformed. Through our holistic ministry in Lebanon we’re able to reach out with the love and hope of Christ to many hurting Syrian refugee families in Beirut, Southern Lebanon, and the Bekaa Valley.

The current Syrian refugee situation in Lebanon is a direct result of the Syrian civil war that began in March 2011, resulting in over 4 million displaced individuals fleeing from Syria into the surrounding countries in the Middle East. Of all the countries opening their borders to these traumatized people and at-risk children, Lebanon has seen the largest number of refugees over the duration of the crisis. These Syrian refugees are entering Lebanon with minimal belongings and no means of providing for themselves, with most living on less than $2 per day. Over half of the Syrian refugees living in Lebanon are children under the age of 18. Most of these children have been out of school for 10 or more years with no chance of receiving an education. Living as an at-risk child in Lebanon does not offer much to do each day but roam the tent communities where they live. We want to provide basic education to the poorest of the poor of these children, many of whom have lost at least one parent in the war—with the majority without fathers or male influence in the home.

Hope On Wheels allows us to reach many children right where they live in the tent settlements on a regular basis. Our mobile truck environment is what we call “a mobile fun truck” that goes from location to location bringing the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to children of all ages. Current issues are addressed depending on children’s specific needs using fun activities like puppet shows, health awareness programs, value-based programs called Character traits, and Bible lessons.

Our Hope on Wheels Club Ministry is focused on building relationships through small groups interested in God’s Word—allowing for more one-on-one time between the kids and our team.

The weekly clubs help the children open up during discussion times and share with the teachers about their struggles, questions, and receive prayer and advice. Through our craft times we have learned that many of the kids have wonderful skills that we want to encourage them to develop. As they grow up, these skills could possibly become their profession or a source of income. The children’s response to these clubs has been overwhelming—even during the “lock down” when we were gathering virtually on Zoom.

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Plans for the Hope on Wheels Club Playground.

Stories from H.O.P.E. on Wheels

Story from a Hope on Wheels Club

When Hasan first came to the clubs, he was very surprised by the love and acceptance he received from everyone; he was used to hearing bad words because of his hyperactivity at home. Surprisingly, Hasan is now one of the most interactive students in the clubs, he is always jumping excitedly to answer questions. Hasan is also the team’s little helper, distributing materials to his friends during crafts or helping them in acting out a role in a story. His friends love being around him as he makes them laugh with his funny jokes.

The team is proud of Hasan and he is a source of joy in the clubs!













* Highlighted budget icons apply to this grant

Paint and labor for playground wall$600
Play equipment:
   Soccer Balls (10)
   Kickballs (10)
   Soccer Goals (2)
   Vests (25)
   Cones, bases, etc.
Swing Set (2)$800
Seesaw Set (2)$450
Total Budget Requested:$2,785

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