Shubh Sandesh Foundation

REQUEST: $2,200 for the training materials and activities for Shubh Sandesh Foundation volunteers, serving migrants impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jharkhand State

This project takes place in India, Jharkhand State, Dhanbad District.

  • Population: 1,326,093,247
  • Languages: Hindi, Bengali, Marathi

  • Religions: Hindu, Muslim, Christian

  • Median Age: 28.7 years

Engage India exists to make disciples of all unreached, unengaged people groups of India. We want to go to tribes and communities that have no Christian witness and plant churches that disciple people to experience the holistic transformation of Jesus Christ.

India has about 307 million migrant workers- individuals that are from another state of India (often more rural areas) who go to work in a city setting. When the nationwide lockdown in response to COVID-19 began in India, all work and methods of transportation stopped, blocking access for migrantworkers to return home. Many of them became desperate to get back to their home state, so they walked hundreds of miles to return home. When they arrive,most of them are kept in government institutionalized quarantine homes, with about 50-200 migrants living in them. They have to stay there for 14 to 21 days and for some, even longer.

The district administration has asked for our assistance to help with their rehabilitation and recovery during the quarantine. We believe that the love of Jesus Christ can bring about the transformation and healing that they need. We have trained volunteers who are willing to go to the quarantine homes and engage the migrants in activities that will lead them through a healing process.

Our volunteers are visiting the quarantine homes and other homes of returning migrants during this challenging time. As the migrant’s numbers are gradually increasing, we are learning their struggles and challenges while sharpening our rehabilitation strategies to help the migrants heal.

Through access to community and activities for personal growth, we will help guide them through a healing process that helps them deal with their challenges. The power of prayer, stories of healing, songs, dances, visual arts, etc. will be used to lead them towards holistic healing. All our programs will reflect and present Jesus Christ as the ultimate healer. Our counselors will provide group therapy team-building exercises, skill identification for individuals, trauma counseling and assist them in reentry to their homes at the end of their quarantine period.

COVID-19 Quarantine Counseling Support

Support for migrants of institutional quarantine


“I did not know when my virus test results would turn up, it has already been 8 days and I have been anxious. But when the volunteers from Shubh Sandesh visited me, I was encouraged in my heart. They assured me that they will look into the process and inform me. They told me that it would normally take up to 12 days and that was normal. I was encouraged to know that someone cares for me and my friends in the quarantine.” – Sunil Tudu

“We are three girls and we do not have a lady warden with us in quarantine. We are just eighteen and feel afraid being here. Our bathroom is about 80 feet away and at night it is difficult without light. Shubh Sandesh installed the light for us in the bathroom and now we don’t have to be afraid at night. They have given us necessary health and medical kits. They love us and we know this by their actions. Thank you, team.” – Sonali Kumari













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Volunteers expenses$360
Training materials for activities$1,200
Training, printing and stationery$250
Total Budget Requested:$2,200

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