REQUEST: $1,500 to launch a new savings and loan group of 25 members to equip them with the tools to know Jesus, provide for their families with dignity, and help them face life’s unpredictable hardships.


Operating in Northern Uganda serving South Sudanese refugees and Ugandans.

  • Population: 43,252,966
  • Languages: English (official), Luganda, Swahili

  • Religions: Protestant, Roman Catholic, Muslim

  • Median Age: 15.7 years

Seed Effect is a Christ-centered economic development organization. Our vision is for the world’s most insecure and underdeveloped communities to be stabilized and overcome poverty through access to economic empowerment, education, and the hope of Jesus Christ.

Without access to banking services, refugees and those trapped in material poverty don’t have a safe place to save for lump sum expenses, like school fees, or a way to access affordable credit to support income generation. Without access to insurance, paying for emergency expenses can be devastating. Broken systems force many of these families to struggle to survive rather than thrive, and, as a result, they lack the opportunity to overcome poverty. Seed Effect’s savings-led microfinance program provides a safe place for poor households to save and borrow money in order to generate income, as well as Christ-Centered community and spiritual discipleship.

In light of the recent economic challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, 93% of Seed Effect groups surveyed said that, because of Seed Effect, they were better prepared to face this crisis. And yet, since launching in Uganda in May of 2017, Seed Effect has only empowered 27,000 Seed Effect members (there are 1 million South Sudanese refugees in Uganda).  There is still so much need, and because of the impact of COVID-19, South Sudanese refugees and Ugandans who previously lacked access to these critical tools are expressing overwhelming demand for Seed Effect’s program. We must grow quickly to empower these new members to know Jesus and provide for their families with dignity.

Seed Effect is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of South Sudanese refugees and Ugandans trapped in poverty as they face the crisis brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Through our program, self-selected groups of 15 to 25 individuals meet weekly with the guidance of a Seed Effect trainer to study the Bible, build Christian community, pool their savings, and contribute to a micro-insurance fund that can be used in case of emergencies like unexpected illnesses. They borrow money from each other to grow their businesses, pay school fees, or provide for other necessities. After 9-12 months of meeting, they share their savings and interest earned among the group based upon the amount contributed. Seed Effect also provides livelihood (soap-making) and entrepreneurship training to effectively equip our members.

Mary and one of her ten children

It Starts With A Simple Green Box

The world’s most fragile state is now the world’s fastest growing refugee crisis. Over a million South Sudanese have fled their homes, crossing into Uganda. Families have been devastated. Dreams have been shattered.

They’re working to rebuild their lives. They’re capable, but lack the tools and training to do this on their own.

So we’ve stepped in to help.

Because of your support, Seed Effect is using an innovative approach to empower refugees.

It’s called a savings group, and it starts with a simple green box.

While what’s in the box matters, what comes out, means so much more. It’s hope and opportunity. Strength and empowerment. Dignity and a promising future.

This box is your place beside them, and it’s making a deep impact when they need it most. Thank you for standing with them. Thank you for planting a seed.

Mary’s Seed Effect savings and loans group


Mary Luwe is from South Sudan. When war broke out in her country, she was forced to flee to Uganda. She and her children became refugees. When they arrived in Uganda, they were taken to a refugee settlement and given land and a tarp for shelter. Once a month, her family receives a very small amount of food from the UN, but it is not enough to adequately feed her children. This provided temporary help for Mary, but, because of the war, she will be in Uganda for a long time. Mary is capable and wants to work and her children want to go to school. She does not need someone to pay for her food, she needs a way to earn money so she can pay for her own food, send her kids to school, and pay for the doctor when they are sick. She wanted to start a business, but she needed a loan (money she could borrow), a safe place to save money she earned, and the support of other moms just like her.

Mary decided to join a Seed Effect savings and loan group where she meets weekly with other women to read the Bible and save and borrow money from each other. She used the small loans to start a business and can now send her ten children to school and provide the food they need. Here is what Mary said,

“Through the church, I joined a Seed Effect group. When we come together, we share, have fun, and forget our sorrows. I have used my loans to grow my business, repair my hut, and send my children to school. My favorite activity in our group is when we share our problems and encourage each other in the Bible. Knowing Jesus more deeply has given me hope for my life. I can feel God’s love for me.”













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Trainer Salary$400
Training Workshop for the Trainer$100
Trainer Motorbike Fuel & Maintenance$200
Spiritual Discipleship Activities/Support$200
Savings Kit (Metal box, Materials, Bible, Bible Study)$75
Data Collection & Analysis of Group Performance$150
Group Formation Activities$25
Uganda Office Support$350
Total Budget Requested:$1,500

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