Pledge United

REQUEST: $2,500 to 1) enhance our social media impact, involving players from different clubs across the city and to 2) provide training to 20 coaches

  • Population: 267,026,366

  • Languages: Bahasa Indonesia (official, modified form of Malay), English, Dutch

  • Religions: Muslim, Protestant, Roman Catholic

  • Median Age: 31.1 years

Football Plus is a non-profit organization working on youth and community development through football. We aim to inspire young people so they can become an inspiration to their generation.

When we heard that within Asia 26% of men had committed a rape at least once in their lifetime, we knew we needed to do something; especially as 50% of those first-time offenders were teenage boys. That’s when we started a program called Pledge United that uses soccer to teach teenage boys how to respect woman and their rights.

We’d like to make a 60-second Instagram video where we get players from different clubs to be involved in the campaign. We also want to run a citywide training to equip 20 coaches, who will then impact 400 boys collectively.

The professional soccer players are huge role models in Indonesia, so we want to use their influence to share a video about how they Pledge2Respect women.

For the coaches training, the curriculum we use is all based on Jesus’ teaching. We have looked at His own life, how Jesus empowered and protected women and we want to do the same within Asia.

Football Plus

1 in 3 women in Indonesia have experienced physical / sexual violence. When this will end?

Pledge2Respect and Speak Out For Gender Equality

Inspire for the last two years has been pioneering a football programme that teaches teenage boys about their responsibility to respect and honour women in their families, schools and communities. We have traveled from the Medan in the West to Papua in the East of Indonesia, going to schools, football clubs, even young offending prisons to share this message, and get teenager boys to make a Pledge to say that will not be like the previous generation, and Pledge to Stand up and Speak out for gender equality.

2450 boys have made the Pledge, this we hope is just the start of a new day and new dawn for gender relations within Indonesia.

Football Plus

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought out the best in people, but sadly the worst as well. One of the effects of lockdown all over the world has been a huge rise in gender-based violence. Indonesia itself is the second most dangerous country in Asia for a woman to live in.

One of our staff is also coaching at local high school. After he challenged his players to stand up for girls who are abused, one of them returned to him with a story when he stopped a man on the street who was about to hit his girlfriend.

Asep’s Testimony

“For the last 5 years, I’ve seen my dad beat my mum every week. I thought I’d be doing that too when I’m older. Now, I want to protect my mum, and my wife when I get one.”

– Asep (13), Bandung













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Flights and travel cost to collect footage from players$750
Video editing and development$750
Coaches’ Training (20 people)$1,000
Total Budget Requested:$2,500

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