REQUEST: $2,200 as follows: $1,100 for digital design training fees for a young woman rescued from slavery and
$1,100 for cell phone repair training and literacy school fees for a gentleman rescued off the street.

This request focuses on two people living in SE China.

China (Southeast) Stats are for entire country

  • Population: 1,394,015,977
  • Languages: Mandarin, Cantonese, Shanghainese

  • Religions: Buddhist (18%), Folk religion (5%), Christian

  • Median Age: 38.4 years

Gotta Go seeks out the forgotten who are on the streets, coming out of prison, and trapped in sex and labor slavery, offering them the Gospel in word and deed. We do this by providing safe houses, food, clothing, medical care, vocational training, and job placement.

The culture in SE China promotes ignoring those without a voice because the government requires its people to act like nothing is wrong and that hurting people don’t exist. China and much of East Asia are very unsafe for Christians, forcing them to worship and evangelize in secret, just as Gotta Go does so that it can continue its work. The individuals that we meet on the street have heartbreaking stories of no family, love, education or home. Gotta Go teams minister to them by listening and sharing the love of Jesus, helping to lead them out of bondage and into lives of purpose.

Gotta Go goes out into the community, visiting slaves where they are held, to homeless where they roam, to curbs where the elderly, mentally ill and physically challenged are banished. From a foundation of prayer, our teams (the majority of them are those rescued through Gotta Go), listen, love and offer a new life in Jesus.

After individuals are rescued and redeemed through the love of Christ, Gotta Go invests in their future by offering them vocational training. Sometimes we give them loans to purchase equipment or materials for a small business, or to rescue their existing farm or livelihood. Each person is assigned a counselor who loves them, disciples them, and goes through life with them. The result is a high graduation and job placement rate, with many becoming Christians with a growing and active faith.

This project focuses on a man who was rescued from living on the street and a young woman rescued from slavery.

Woman to train in digital design

Woman receiving training in digital design

Staff Outreach Homeless

Staff outreach to the homeless


The Gentleman

Two of our staff found the gentleman on the street in early April. He was disoriented, angry and homeless. Weeks of health care, rest, nutrition and a stable environment and schedule with us have helped tremendously. He was disoriented because he is borderline diabetic. Nutrition has stabilized this issue without a need for meds. He has had a hard life and has no one. Now he has a community and has surrendered his life to Jesus. He is illiterate and has begun to learn to read with us. In about three weeks he will begin vocational training online for Mandarin (reading and writing) and an apprenticeship with a cell phone repair small business we helped establish with another two men from the street years ago. They both were also illiterate and can begin to teach him this trade without needing to read much. Then as he becomes more literate, they will incorporate more into his training. We pay a nominal fee for the internship and his housing and food. He also needs a basic laptop for his lessons and training, as well as his own small toolbox of equipment.

The Young Woman

The young woman has been staying in our safe house since mid-April, as she continues to rest and heal before she can begin studying or working. For several years, she has wanted to be a special effects website designer and computer illustrator. She is very talented in illustration, but untrained. She would like to return to her village and work from there to make a living. Her schooling would last for 8-24 months, depending on the level of education she needs. She will be able to become certified, which is very important in China to be employable with a good wage.


Wen Liao Jia was 7 when she lost both her legs and all her fingers and part of one arm in a fire in her village home. She didn’t get medical care as she healed, so she had a lot of breathing and muscle challenges as she grew. Eventually, her parents abandoned her. We found her and brought her to our safe house. She is a growing Christian and a woman of prayer. She is seen here with one of our office staff who meets with her weekly for Bible study and counseling. May she have hope in Christ and cling to her promise of eternity in Heaven with God.













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Online Literacy Training$134
Cell Phone Repair Vocational Training Fee$202
Housing and Food During Training$325
Start-up Cell Phone Repair Tools and Toolbox$169
Young WomanCost
MS Office, Adobe Design, Apps$740
Certification Fees$35
Total Budget Requested: $2,200

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