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REQUEST: $3,000 as follows: $1,500 toward Audio Bible Project and $1,500 toward Evacuation Efforts.

  • Population: 43,500,000
  • Languages: Ukrainian (official) 67.5%, Russian (regional language) 29.6%

  • Religions: Orthodox, Ukrainian Greek Catholic, Roman Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Jewish

  • Median Age: 41.2 years

Steiger International is a worldwide missions organization dedicated to reaching and discipling young people who typically would not attend church.

When Russian forces invaded Ukraine, ordinary citizens joined the Ukrainian military to defend their friends and family. After months of fighting, many of these soldiers are feeling hopeless, alone, and discouraged—searching for a purpose and meaning bigger than the war they’re fighting. Meanwhile, mothers, children, elderly, and handicapped persons are hiding in makeshift bomb shelters in some of the most dangerous parts of the country. With resources dwindling and no working vehicles of their own, these people are waiting for a miracle.

Through our Audio Bible Project, we’re filling MP3 Players with an audio Bible, worship music, and sermon recordings, and delivering them with a printout of the salvation prayer to soldiers fighting on the front lines. We pray these soldiers will be encouraged, understand they are not alone and there is hope in the Gospel of Jesus.

With the help of generous partners, we were able to purchase a fleet of vans at the start of the war. Every few days, we load them up with food and emergency supplies and drive them into the high conflict areas of Eastern Ukraine. When we arrive, we drop off supplies for those who decide to stay and we load up the vans with children, mothers, elderly, and handicapped citizens who need to leave, evacuating them to safer cities in western Ukraine and neighboring countries.

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Food and emergency supplies for Eastern Ukraine

About Steiger International’s Evacuation Project

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One young soldier reached out to our project leader via Instagram, “My mother told me you had something for me from God,” he said. “She is a Christian and I have never believed. But I’m here fighting, and I keep seeing miracles. It has me thinking that maybe God exists.” Our team was able to get him one of our MP3 players with the salvation prayer. Days later, the soldier shared that he had decided to follow Jesus and was moving from the point of restoration to a moment-by-moment reliance on God for his strength and hope. He was already sharing the audio Bible with his friends.

For each of our evacuations, we have experienced incredible supernatural protection. In one instance, our drivers were a few kilometers away from the meeting point when the van inexplicably stopped moving. Moments later, a bomb hit the road where they would have been. Just after, the van started up again and they were able to continue. In another village near the front lines, our team evacuated a group of people from a makeshift bomb shelter. As they were driving away, bombs started hitting all around the village destroying the bomb shelter the group had just been hiding in. Miraculously our team and the elderly people they were evacuating were unharmed from the attack.

Throughout all of this, our teams have been sharing the Gospel. In the past two weeks, 600 people made decisions to follow Jesus.













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Audio Bible Project: 100 MP3 players + gas to deliver them $1,500
Evacuation Efforts: Gas for the continuing evacuations$1,500
Total Budget Requested:$3,000

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