REQUEST: $2,100 towards two wheelchairs and birthday celebrations for refugee children.

  • Population: 82,500,000
  • Languages: Turkish (official), Kurdish

  • Religions: Muslim 99.8% (mostly Sunni), other 0.2% (mostly Christians and Jews)

  • Median Age: 32.2 years

Kardelen is a Christian ministry based in Ankara, Turkey. Kardelen desires to see every child who is affected by a disability and their family properly cared for in their own home with dignity and respect, experiencing the love of God through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Refugees lose so much relationship with friends, family, and their community when they escape their country. Most of them feel lonely, and unknown, and the isolation that COVID brought multiplied those feelings. Now that COVID has mostly passed, we want to put on an event that will blow their socks off! We want to see smiles galore! What a great time to show them how much God loves them and how much we love them. We plan to put on an event to make them feel known, loved and like they belong and are celebrated!

We see our many refugee children with disabilities quite often in their homes, but they don’t get out very often. Over the summer, with your help, we would like to throw three birthday celebrations for them with good food, gifts and huge amounts of fun! We’ll invite their siblings and parents too, who are worn out from the refugee life and from being full-time caregivers. We want to help them all feel loved and celebrated.

In addition to the birthday events, we plan to celebrate a big day for two more of our children who will receive their first custom wheelchairs. This will totally change their lives and the lives of their parents. Will you help us buy two custom wheelchairs and put on a super-fun birthday celebration?

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Birthday Celebration at Kardelen

About Kardelen

Image Copyright: Kardelen


When Mutez was a little boy growing up in Syria, he loved playing outside of his home. But one day, at the age of five, his world completely changed when a bomb exploded near him. He was fortunate to have survived, but his legs were severely damaged. He has had three surgeries since that accident and is still not able to walk. His mother lived in fear of an accident like this happening. After the explosion, it became clear that her home was no longer safe. With the imminent threat of more violence, they felt they had no other choice but to leave Syria and seek refuge in Turkey. When they arrived in Ankara, they found support from a local refugee ministry that connected them to Kardelen.

Since the bomb explosion, Mutez has been confined to a wheelchair that was too big for him. He was unable to steer it himself and required the help of another family member to get around. This grew to frustrate him. Even to go to school, a family member had to accompany him to take him to each of his classes. It is hard to imagine being in his situation as a young boy unable to walk and confined to a wheelchair he cannot control. Recently, Kardelen was able to give Mutez a new wheelchair that was much lighter, easier to steer, and appropriate for his size. He was thrilled! He can now steer himself and move around without the help of others. With this new wheelchair he will be able to attend school on his own and move about with more freedom.













* Highlighted budget icons apply to this grant

Two custom wheelchairs ($400 each)$800
A meaningful gift for each child ($10 per gift x20 children x 2 bd)$400
Picnic Lunch ($6 per person x 30 people x 2 bdays)$360
Birthday celebration supplies and games (2 events)$200
Transportation costs to help get the families to the park$300
Administration (bank fees, etc.)$40
Total Budget Requested:$2,100

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